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※日本語の後に英語版が続きます。English follows Japanese.

中秋の名月、2015年9月27日(日)を第1回moonbow cinema開催日に設定し、「映画のストーリーに合わせて上映場所を選ぶ、移動式の映画館」を実現するため、作品と会場探しから準備を開始しました。

まず、作品選び。映画産業に関わる全ての方に胸をはってmoonbow cinemaについてお話したかったので、公に上映許可されているソフトを用いるべく調べると、株式会社ムービーマネジメントカンパニー(*1)という企業を見つけました。この企業は、様々な配給会社を取りまとめ、映画館以外の「非劇場」での上映用に権利処理された映画ソフト貸出しを行っているようです。

電話で問い合わせると、レンタル料金の仕組みを理解することから始まりました。上映会向けの場合、上映回数・参加人数・入場料金の組み合わせによってレンタル料金が細かく規定されており、また作品によって金額は千差万別であることを知りました。特に、入場料金については、無料限定と指定されている作品が多く、また有料が認められている場合でも「500円以下」というように制限がかかり、更に無料の場合よりレンタル料金が格段に高価になる作品が目立ちました。映画は権利ビジネス、いろいろな背景があるのでしょう。試算した結果、moonbow cinemaは無料開催することが一番コストを抑えられる、という結論になりました。

moonbow cinemaは個人的な興味関心で始めるので、もともとお金儲けをしようとは一切考えていませんでしたが、作品レンタルの仕組みを知り、「好きだからやる」という気持ちが一層明確になりました。私にとってmoonbow cinemaは真剣この上ない生真面目な「遊び」です。私の好きな映画には、芸術家のドキュメンタリーが多いのですが、中でもクリスト&ジャンヌ=クロード(*2)やビル・カニンガム(*3)から得た教えは、「本当に本当に本当にやりたいことは、お金は全部自分で工面して120%コントロールを持つべき」ということ。moonbow cinemaに対して、スポンサー企業を募るとか会員制にして会費を頂くとか、いろいろと金銭面での遣り様はあると思うのですが、真面目に仕事もしているし、金銭面と時間と、自分に無理ない範囲で続けて行こうと自覚しました。



開催日時、場所、作品が決まり、次は皆さまに第1回moonbow cinema開催をお知らせする番です。(つづく)

After I decided to host the first screening of moonbow cinema on the day of the harvest moon, Sunday, September 2015, I started preparation by searching for movie and location to realize the concept of moonbow cinema, a screening event which selects location based on the story of each film.

For movie, because I want to talk about moonbow cinema with anyone in the film industry without any hesitation, I rent DVD authorized to be shown in public. I looked for the company that I can rent such DVD and found Movies Management Company (*1) in Tokyo. This company lends movie DVDs for public screening for non-movie theaters.

I called to Movie Management Company and first learned the rental fee. The pricing for non-theater screening is based on the combination of the frequency of screening, the number of attendees and the ticket price. In addition, the charge is different from movie to movie. Most movies only allow admission free screening. Even though some movies accept admission charge, there is a cap of price as five dollars. This complex system made me realize that the movie industry is really about the rights. I did simulation and reached a conclusion that the cost to host a screening event is the lowest when the event is admission free.

I started moonbow cinema because I wanted to. After I learned the complex rental fee system for screening, it became crisp clear that I host screening event from my personal motivation, not for business. For me, moonbow cinema is something I really love. I take this really seriously. My favorite movies include many documentary movies about artists. Christo and Jeanne-Claude (*2) and Bill Cunningham (*3) told me that I should have control on everything if I really, really and really love something by preparing all money by myself. I’m aware that there are ways to collect money by finding sponsors or collecting membership fee from attendees. However, since I have a steady job, I decided to host moonbow cinema first within my capacity of money and time.

The other thing I learned to rent a movie is that the location has to be fixed to apply for the rent. I made a long list from the movies for rent, asked for the rental fee, shortened the list, searched for the screening location on the internet, and visited to find out the best combination of film and location for the first screening.

The location I found is a room on the upper floor of 10°café (*4) . The building is along the river and covered by ivy. I imagined a beautiful full moon over the river on the day of screening. I chose Never Let Me Go (*5) to show there since the building seemed matching to the school and house in the film. Also, the timing seemed good because Kazuo Ishiguro, the author of original novel Never Let Me Go, was on the media. In May, he released the latest novel The Buried Giant for the first time after a decade he published Never Let Me Go in 2005.

The date, time, location and movie are fixed. The next step is to let people know about moonbow cinema’s first screening event.(To be continued.)


Movies Management Company


Christo and Jeanne-Claude
A married couple who is known for their work wrapping building and natural settings. Their documentary film “Christo’s Valley Curtain” was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short

Bill Cunningham
A fashion photographer who captured people with style on the street of New York. He published his work on New York Times for about forty years. A documentary film “Bill Cunningham New York” is a record of his life and thoughts.

10 do café
2-3, 3-chome, Takada, Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo


Never Let Me Go original novel by Kazuo Ishiguro
Kazuo Ishiguro is Japanese-born British author.
He published “Never Let Me Go” in 2005 and it became film in 2010.
Director: Mark Romanek
Screenplay: Alex Garland (“Ex-Machina”)
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightley

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