⾯⽩かった映画、良かった映画だけではなく、「意味不明だったけれど、気がつけばあの映画のことばかり考えていた」「不愉快だったけれど、不思議と引っかかるものがあった」、 もしかすると、そんな映画も「印象に残っている映画」かもしれません。




From all that you watched in 2017, select and introduce a film that left the deepest Impression on you.

Not necessarily the best or most interesting movie, it might be something you didn’t get but kept thinking about or maybe even felt disgusted by but strangely couldn’t shake from your mind.

Not only new releases but older films are also eligible so long as you watched it in 2017.

You need not have watched the film in a movie theater. Streaming on Netflix or other online platforms, or TV, DVD, even In-Flight movies are all acceptable.

Provide a short write up with the Movie Title, Where/How you watched it, why you picked this film in particular and finally choose a cinema-related photo that you took in 2017 and share the reason for your choice.

 (in arphabetical order)

aya(あや) Azusa Kawabata(川畑あずさ) Donald(ドナルド) Frank(フランク)
Hiroki Furukawa(古川博規) iqco(いこ) Mariko Tsujimoto(辻本マリコ) Masafumi Oguri(小栗誠史) mizuki(みづき) Rieko(りえこ) Yuji Kawamoto(川本悠自)


Graphic Designer

aya’s Golden Penguin goes to…
Personal Shopper



I felt great excitement after watching this film, finding it way more sensitive and adventurous than the impression I got from the trailer. From Kristen Stewart perfectly pulling off any look, from a Chanel dress to a polo shirt, to the alluring streets of Paris, but it was also interesting as a thriller. Yet, what struck me the most was its multi-layered storyline, full of visual power and sound that no plain words can describe. The desperate but warm feeling of someone remembering someone else beautifully melded with the grotesque desires within the structure of the film. It makes me very happy to discover a film that took me places I didn’t expect or imagine, that deeply moved me in a new way. To find such a film, I will go to movie theaters again and again.

Director: Olivier Assayas
At: Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills/Tokyo/Japan


An empty plot in Shibuya, July 2017.
Cinema Rise, seen in far back, has closed, and Cine Quinto has been demolished along with the building itself. Though it’s sad to see these theaters I used to frequent close down, I tell myself not to forget; I’ll go to many more movie theaters again from now on.

Azusa Kawabata

Graphic Designer

Azusa’s Golden Penguin goes to…
Talk to Her



My longtime wish to watch Pedro Almodóvar’s Talk to Her on a big screen was fulfilled at last this past year. Even watching it on DVD moves me every time so there’s no doubt that watching it on the big screen would be even better. But for me, the film holds more significance than just being a great film. At first, I mainly focused on the scene of Caetano Veloso performing, but as I watched again and again I found myself captivated by Pina Bausch’s dance. I have been following her ever since. From time to time, great films introduce us to other art forms that are equally powerful.

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
At: Wasedashochiku/Tokyo/Japan

2017年春、こちらも念願叶ってピナ・バウシュ ヴッパタール舞踏団の『カーネーション-NELKEN』を観劇。ヴィム・ヴェンダース監督作品『Pina』の中で強く印象に残っていたダンスが、舞台一面に敷き詰められたカーネーションの中で繰り広げられ、夢のような時間だった。

In the spring of 2017, my other wish came true: watching a dance performance of CARNATIONS (NELKEN) by Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. The dance in Wim Wenders’ film Pina that I was most struck by unfolded before me on a stage blanketed in carnations. The time passed like a beautiful dream.


English translation support

Donald’s Golden Penguin goes to…
The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean

観た時は思いもよらなかったけれど、今は亡きシネファミリーでの最後の映画になった。創設者と役員によるセクシャル・ハラスメントや暴行への告発が明らかになり、この映画を観た後、ほどなくしてシネファミリーは扉を閉めた。邪な男たちの犠牲になったひとりの若い女性の物語こそ、今年を象徴する映画と言えるだろう。天使のように甘い言葉を囁きながら、その手で神聖さを汚してゆく男たちに気をつけろ。聖なる場所 – 映画館 – を取り戻せることを願っている。

*シネファミリーで時折あった特集上映、女性映像作家特集 “Women of Cinefamily” の1本として鑑賞

Didn’t know it then but this would be the last film I’d see at the now defunct Cinefamily. Charges against its founder and a board member of sexual harassment and assault became public and the theater closed its doors soon after. The story of a young woman exploited by evil men is emblematic of this year in movies. Beware of men who croon like angels but defile all that they touch. Hope for a reclaiming of the sacred space that is cinema.

Director: Juleen Compton At: Cinefamily (The Silent Movie Theatre)/Los Angeles/California/United States *It was part of their occasional series “Women of Cinefamily” focusing on women filmmakers.

扉を閉めた直後のシネファミリー(サイレント・ムービー・シアター)の庇(ひさし)。 ロサンジェルスのシネフィルたちの大半はこの場所に対し、複雑でネガティブな気持ちを抱えていたから、この場所で起こったセクシャル・ハラスメントや暴行への主張は「驚くべきこと」ではなかった。けれど僕たちは何年にも渡って、数え切れない素晴らしい映画をこの場所で観た。そして、とうとうこの街から娯楽映画ではない、まともな映画をかけてくれるスクリーンがひとつ消えた。寂しくなる。

A photo of the Cinefamily at The Silent Movie Theatre marquee shortly after they closed their doors. Many Los Angeles cinephiles had mixed or even negative feelings about this place and for many of us the allegations of sexual harassment and assault were not surprising. But we saw a lot of great stuff here over the years and in the end it’s one less screen showing serious film in this city. I will miss it.


English translation support

Frank’s Golden Penguin goes to…
The Work

男たちの毒々しい男性性を、果敢に、生々しく切り取った映画。『The Work』は観客に、自由の身である男たちと極悪犯罪人たちを混ぜ合わせたメンバーが参加するグループ・セラピー・セッション4日間集中コースの目撃者となる特権を与える。それはどこか、悪魔払いの儀式にも似ている。男たちに遺産のように残された、父性の不在や虐待がもたらした悪影響が剥き出しにされ、絶え間なく、傷ついた子供のような抗議の声や金切り声がBGMのように鳴り響く。男たるもの強くあれ、涙を見せてはならぬと要求されるこの社会で、映画館にいる男という男が一人残らず涙を流した映画を観たのは、初めてだった。


An unflinchingly, raw dissection of toxic male masculinity, The Work privileges an audience to witness an intensive four day group therapy session intermingling free men with the most hardened of criminals. Something akin to a performance of an exorcism, a legacy of damaging effects by fathers, both absent and abusive, is laid bare, as continual shrieks, pure outcries of emotional pain, can be heard constantly in the background. In a society that tells men to be tough and not cry, here was the only film screening I’ve ever been to where every single man in the theater cried.

Director: Jairus McLeary & Gethin Aldous
At: Laemmle’s Monica Film Center/Santa Monica/California/United States


A simple layering of two images, one featuring the ticket stub of the film screening and the other being a view from the parking structure just outside of the movie theater.

Hiroki Furukawa

Tailored Dressmaking & Design

Mr. Furukawa’s Golden Penguin goes to…
Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA

個人的に最も2017年を想起させる映画だと考えられる『Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA』を挙げた。そう感じさせる熱は、先立って3月に発表された作品『async』と、それに続き4月から5月にかけてワタリウム美術館で開催された『坂本龍一 | 設置音楽展』とへの興味から始まり、11月公開の映画まで一年を通して続いた。自分に残された時間は限りなく少ないという、想像を絶するような自覚の中で、自分を欺かず、自己と戯れず、自らの命を賭して生み出された宇宙時代のコラールが魅せる美しい“非同期”が、かえって明瞭に響かせ“同期”させてくれる恩恵の、活力に満ち満ちた儚さは、忘れることができないだろう。


I chose Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA as it symbolize the year 2017 for me personally. My fascination started from Sakamoto’s new album async released in last March, to the async exhibition at Watarium Museum in April to May. It then continued throughout the year until the release of this film in November. In the unimaginable realm of the finiteness of life, without being self-judged or absorbed, the beautiful asynchronization was produced at the risk of his own life; beguiled in its chorale of the space age. The clear reverberation contradictory synchronizes and bless us with the fragility full of vigor, that I won’t be able to forget.

Director: Stephen Nomura Schible
At: Theater Kino/Sapporo/Hokkaido/Japan


The double heavyweight vinyl album of async, the work of art the film centers upon. I reserved it at the exhibition at Watarium Museum and finally listened to it at the end of the year.



iqco’s Golden Penguin goes to…



観た場所:京都府京都文化博物館 フィルムシアター/京都/日本

I watched this film for the second time in five years. From the scene of Ayako Wakao, who plays a Geisha, showing off her colorful rings given by patrons on each of her fingers to the bathing scene featuring gorgeous A-list actresses (particularly amazing because it’s not erotic at all), there are too many highlights to count. But this time, I especially loved when the lead actor Raizo Ichikawa recalled awful relationship stories. Ganjiro Nakamura says, “but you had a good time, eh?” And Raizo Ichikawa replies, “Really, a good time? Whatever, let’s get a drink.” This exchange is so good I was falling out of my seat laughing. I felt I was beginning to understand the blues of being an adult or perhaps simply of a drunkard? In any case, I felt my own personal growth.

Director: Kon Ichikawa
At: The Museum of Kyoto Film Theater/Kyoto/Japan


After the movie I went out to drink, of course. After visiting film center, I often go Liquor and Food Hachiboshi where you can enjoy ice cold draft beer in the corner of the liquor store.

Mariko Tsujimoto

Owner of Cinema Studio 28 Tokyo

Mariko’s Golden Penguin goes to…
The Night I Swam



(第18回東京フィルメックス  コンペティション)

That absolute solitude starting from the moment we are born into this world. Every day thereafter is a continuous wonderment of adventure. That fact that you can’t easily see someone you long to. That nature can be both friend and enemy. Still, that warm bed prepared on a freezing night and being watched over when asleep. The humble feelings I keep inside of myself, as if they would fleetingly melt away if put into words, projected on the screen in a way that only the movies can do. The grown-up me watched the little boy’s every single move together with many other former children in the audience. I will remember this winter night in 2017 for a long time.

Director: Damien Manivel & Kohei Igarashi
At: Yurakucho Asahi Hall/Tokyo/Japan
(Tokyo Filmex 18th edition Competition)

自宅であり、時にCinema Studio 28 Tokyoの会議室やパーティー会場にもなる場所。壁の「28」の上にフレームを取り付け、その時々の好きな映画のチラシを飾ることにしました。今は『泳ぎすぎた夜』を飾っています。春の公開が楽しみです。

My home. One day it’s the meeting space for Cinema Studio 28 Tokyo, another day it’s where the party’s at. I decided to place flyers of my favorite movies in a frame, above “28” on the wall. Now I’ve placed the flyer of The Night I Swam too. I’m looking forward to its release this spring.

Masafumi Oguri

Former owner of vintage bookstore, Usaginofukushu

Mr. Oguri’s Golden Penguin goes to…




The main character, Paterson, writes poetry in his notebook every day. He doesn’t publish it despite his wife’s pleas. When a foreigner asks if he’s a poet, he replies “No, I’m a bus driver.” He writes poetry fluidly almost as if he’s breathing or eating. He drives a city-loop bus from one Monday to the next, day in day out, humbly repeating this daily routine as if each day were a line to be rhymed with the next. And when his wake-up time varies by only a few minutes, the day becomes a different day from the last. Paterson runs his pen as he cherishes the slightest differences. It might become my most beloved of Jim Jarmusch’s films.

Director: Jim Jarmusch
At: Human Trust Cinema Yurakucho/Tokyo/Japan

水曜日の夜のコインランドリーで静かに佇みラップするメソッド・マン。「ここは君のスタジオなのかい? 」とパターソンが尋ねると、「俺がラップすればそこがスタジオさ」と答えるメソッド・マン。行き先を与えられなかった表現はどこへ向かえばよいのか、という問いへのひとつの解。いちばん好きなシーン、パンフレットより。

Method Man standing quietly, rapping in the laundromat on Wednesday night. When Paterson asks if the laundromat is his studio, Method Man replies that whenever he raps that’s where his studio is. One possible answer to find the way to free the expressions that has once lost its way. The photo is from my favorite scene, taken from a movie brochure.


Founder, moonbow cinema

mizuki’s Golden Penguin goes to…



観た場所:ヒューマントラストシネマ渋谷/東京/日本 他

Paterson fills movie theaters with smile and sleep. I saw Paterson for the first time on the last Sunday evening of August 2017. The mental and physical calmness the film brought to me was unprecedented. During that autumn, I went to see Paterson for six times as if to go to spa. Winter has arrived and there were few theaters left showing Paterson. One night I was not able to fall sleep and decided to play the film online by covering the screen with thick fabric. In the darkness, I heard the sound of bedsheet and match box moving, music with bass note and words written by Paterson (Adam Driver). The same feelings I felt at theaters has slowly filled myself. Next morning I noticed that I fell asleep within ten minutes.

Director: Jim Jarmusch
At: Human Trust Cinema Shibuya/Tokyo/Japan and others


A special notebook was distributed at Paterson screening on the last Sunday of September. After the film, I walked under a beautiful sunset although heavy clouds had covered the sky during that weekend.


Cinema Studio 28 Tokyo

Los Angeles branch

Rieko’s Golden Penguin goes to…




The relationship with a best friend changes over time. I once had a girlfriend and we hung out together endlessly. We joked about marrying each other off, had occasional flare-ups of jealousy and hatred: it was the whole thing. Then life goes on, we all became grown-ups busy doing our own things. But now I know, nothing can compare to the closeness of the friendships of my youth. Girlfriends was the first to show all the dynamics of a female friendship before Frances Ha or GIRLS and countless others that followed. I may have seen more noteworthy films this past year, but this film came to mind as leaving the strongest impression. It may be since I’ve been thinking of my best friend who passed away a few years ago. With its nostalgia and sense of loss, this film has to be my number one film of 2017.

Director: Claudia Weill
At: The Billy Wilder Theatre at The Hammer Museum, UCLA Film and Television Archive
/Los Angeles/California/United States


The schedule of JAN-MAR 2017 UCLA Film and Television Archive. Just by glancing at it, 2017 was an amazing year started off with Straub=Huillet Retrospective with 5 ½ hour documentary Homeland: Iraq year zero in between. All the great films still linger in my mind. I am one happy movie-buff in L.A.

Yuji Kawamoto

Jazz Bassist

Mr. Kawamoto’s Golden Penguin goes to…
SCORE: A Film Music Documentary




To anyone involved in the music industry, especially in film scores, this documentary is like a treasure. If I don’t watch this, what else can I watch? The history of film scores is chronologically presented like a database of masterpieces, so I wanted to jot down some notes while watching but ended up cursing at the movie theater for being completely dark for the first time in my life. The rare footage of interviews with contemporary master composers and scenes of recording scores made me excited too. But, it was most interesting to see contemporary composers critique one another, revealing their view on respective eras. In any case, I couldn’t help wondering about the amount of pages that they have to print out for a full length movie with an entire orchestra and whether if they had enough ink, etc.

Director: Matt Schrader
At: JACK & BETTY CINEMAS/Yokohama/Kanagawa/Japan


The movie brochure I bought instead of writing down notes. It lists all of the films that are featured in SCORE.

English translation by Rieko (except mizuki’s)